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Paramjeet Singh


Paramjeet Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Fokker Elmo SASMOS Interconnection Systems Ltd.
Paramjeet is a Masters from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has worked with ISRO for 17 years. Paramjeet has authored and published more than 15 research papers in national and international conferences and seminars.

His expertise is in Reliability Analysis & Quality Assurance Spacecraft structures, Electro-mechanical and precision mechanisms for on-board use on Spacecrafts Has been with SASMOS since its inception and was responsible for the setting up of manufacturing infrastructure and a robust Management System, which has been liked by all Indian and Global customers alike. He has served SASMOS in various functions like: Engineering & Design, Operations, Quality and Project Management etc...

Has been active in setting up strategies and future direction for the organisation. With his Harness Design expertise, SASMOS has offered Harness design solutions for critical areas like Main Landing Gear and UAV Harnesses to Global Customers. Being creative by nature, he has designed new systems, processes and machines to enable the organisation to be more efficient and productive.

Being Academician, an ardent researcher and a teacher by nature he has established mutual training culture in the organisation, which has benefited employees and the organisation equally. And has been sharing his knowledge with engineering students through academic Projects.