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Ravishankar CV


Ravishankar CV

Director – Engineering

Techno Business leader with more than 25 years of Aerospace Electronics Systems Product development experience.

Proven record of accomplishment in Fostering, Building, Mentoring and managing creative teams to successfully architect, develop, certify and deliver challenging niche Airborne LRUs and Ground support equipment for the Indian Defence, while building an organization ground up to a powerful and reputed entity as chief of Design.

Demonstrated experience in systems integration on aircraft and land based systems, interacting with various major OEMs worldwide and a successfully built domestic supply chain and vendor base. Experienced in working with Aerospace majors to develop requirements and architecting value added solutions using products from different OEMs and including home grown LRU designs.

Demonstrated expertise in both Electronics design as well as software technologies. Developed successfully multitude of Tele command and Telemetry system for various prestigious Indian Satellite Programs like SROSS, IRS and INSAT programs. Was responsible to troubleshoot and resolve major technical mission and technical problems during my tenure as Scientist/Engineer in Indian Space Research Organization.

Successfully trained many customers and corporates in Aerospace systems and Software technologies.

Career Achievements

  • Was part of building technically a Aerospace organization ground up from a team of 2 to 80 strong team, today carrying an excellent reputation as the only Indian company modifying military aircraft apart from HAL in the country.
  • Developed more than over 15 successful niche Airborne and Ground systems operational in the field today in large numbers across multiple aircraft and helicopter fleet types.
  • Responsible for obtaining major MOD contracts, of which a recent one is a (6m USD) for replacement of major system on fighter aircraft against with an indigenously developed system integrating to a standard system. Successfully completed rigorous trials and being installed on more than a 100 fighters.
  • Successfully developed and delivered a complete Aircraft ground run and Engine Performance Tester for the country's flagship fighter aircraft, which is in use today in many numbers.
  • Developed the critical Tail Rotor Vibration Warning System (TRVWS) for the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), which has been a product which eased a major problem for the client and proved itself many times..
  • Responsible for development of the INSAT - 2 Command subsystem, which has successfully operated throughout the country's geo-stationary satellite programs.
  • Developed a web centric medical billing application successfully deployed in the US market in the 90s using Oracle Application Server and other Oracle technologies.
  • Trained corporates like Singapore Airlines, Wipro Systems, Lockheed, Citicorp, etc to move into Oracle technology space and many project specific skills.

He has rich working experience in Merlinhawk Aerospace Pvt. Ltd, Medha Computing Pvt. Ltd and as Senior Scientist (Multiple Positions) in ISRO Satellite Center.