Global in thought,
local in action
Establish your domain dominance through our meticulous engineering, design and manufacturing solutions localized for cost efficiency and quality.
Our Competency
Uniquely positioned for dominance through innovation in a fast-emerging market, SASMOS delivers engineering, analytics, training, supply chain logistics and quality testing for comprehensive solutions that power global industry leaders.
Backed by a decade of impeccable quality and customer focussed consistency, we continue to innovate in India for OEMs around the world, round the clock.
Technical Capabilities
Electrical Harnesses
Electromechanical Assemblies
Electronic Panels
ATEs and PDBs
Our Platforms
Cutting Edge Engineering, Crafted To Perfection
Imagine innovation in thought and engineering, right from design to production.
Develop new products and reverse engineer innovative additions to your existing product line-up through a dedicated team of A&D experts.
Here’s how we do it.
Focused Client Centricity
We invest heavily in developing client-specific competencies for a great customer experience.
Innovation In Our DNA
Innovation and a can-do hands on approach form a core part of our winning DNA at SASMOS.
Value Driven Workforce
Our passionate workforce is driven by strong organizational values and a culture of learning.
Continuous Performance Management
We adopt a Kaizen approach to performance improvement, with 365 training programs.
Globally Certified Processes
All our processes, facilities and labs are certified, with AS9100, IPC 610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620.
Unparalleled Consistency
With over 70+ global customer audits, industry leaders trust the SASMOS assurance.
Dedicated IPT & Presence
Handpicked resources for each project, with round the clock client proximity.
Strategic Partnership Network
With over 150+ suppliers across 14 countries, we deliver solutions in quick turnarounds.
Robust Project Management
Highly efficient processes for project management, with robust QMS and digital PCR.
Design-Build Approach
Minimized risk and singular accountability with a strong focus on continuous R&D.
Cost Effective Localization
Innovative solutions at 10-15% cost reduction and 95%+ localization for global programs.