Power your projects
with cutting-edge harnesses
Our Product Range
  • Missile Harnesses
  • Aviation Harnesses
  • UAV Harnesses
  • Weapon Systems
  • Space Harnesses
  • RF Cable Assembly
Our Technology
  • MIL Standard Harnesses
  • Underwater Harnesses
  • Sealed Harnesses
  • Open Harnesses
  • Cicoil Harnesses
  • RF Harnesses
Design Capability
Engineered With Care
Our wiring harnesses meet global standards like IPC-WHMA-620, and testing standards like MIL–STD-202, MIL-STD-810, RTCA/ DO 160 & JSS 55555
Designed To Deliver
Our harnesses have high temperature resistance and low loss, ideal for continuous operation up to 200’C and intermittent operation up to 350’C
Custom Crafted Solutions
From harnesses with integrated mechanical parts and PCBs to gyro harnesses, each product is custom-made to client specifications
Strong Supply Chain
SASMOS delivers end-to-end solutions, from designing, component selection, routing and manufacturing to quality testing and delivery
Process Capabilities
32-0000 Gauge Complexity
Cicoil Wire Twisting
Precision Potting
ESA, SCC, MIL Connectors
Complex CC Braiding
Shelf Life Management