Live, learn and lead
and give your ideas wings
The SASMOS Advantage
At SASMOS, we aspire to enrich and enhance the lives of all our employees through everyday training, a commitment to excellence, transparent and fair gradation programs and initiatives that encourage innovation and creativity.
Holistic Professional Growth
Experience rounded growth in an open environment through rigorous performance management.
Specialized Skill Development
Expand your skill set through innovative training and quality techniques pioneered by our staff.
Growth Oriented Culture
Realize your full potential through a clearly defined and innovative career development process.
Open & Flexible Environment
Enjoy all the advantages of a highly open, inclusive, and internationally focussed environment.
Entrepreneurial Spirit & Rigor
Learn about leadership as you navigate risks and new ideas, backed by a supportive team.
Added Perks & Benefits
Put your work on the map with performance-driven rewards and perks that come at every level.
Empowering young minds
with commitment and care
Our specialized skill training program empowers hearing impaired students and engages them actively in the A&D space, helping them unlock countless professional opportunities.
Their success and enthusiasm inspires us and drives our efforts for greater inclusion.
CSR Achievements
An institution of learning and diversity, SASMOS has a strong focus in the development of people, communities, and the earth at large.
Some of our efforts over the years towards social initiatives include:
  • Contribution to Akshaya Patra for free mid day meals for children
  • Sponsoring children for education and academic opportunities
  • Rallying organizational support for blind schools & charity institutions
  • Initiating Blood Donation Camps and spreading greater awareness
  • Special job training for hearing impaired students from various NGOs
  • Installation of purified drinking water kiosk for the general public and school children