Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

Highly experienced integrated supply chain team supports customers in all stages from RFQ to order fulfilment

Our proven approach of end-to-end Customer assistance is focused on core sets of capabilities that has established credibility and reputation and are highly qualified to scale up while dealing efficiently with complex projects involving low volume and high mix requirements

Supply chain operations include the systems, structures, and processes to plan and execute the flow of goods and services from supplier to customer. To maximize effectiveness, it is critical to evaluate both internal operations and the extended supply chain that includes suppliers and customers.

The value we bring to the table is not only cost savings, but also significant quality and customer service improvements across the entire supply chain. with integrated supply chain planning and execution.

End to End customer experience

  • Association with the project right from the RFQ stage
  • Execution of Project from First Article to Production Ramp Up ensuring smooth knowledge transfer to bigger teams
  • Leverage the spending by collaborating with global JV partners
  • Centralised approach for maximising spends per vendor and decentralised approach for transactional execution
  • Buy small lots with long-term / mid-term purchase orders and contracts
  • Business and Performance Risk Management
  • Logistics management
  • Localization that results in cost reduction
  • Data Analytics for process improvement

Supplier Ecosystem

Key Countries


Key Highlights

250+ vendors
Knowledge of OEM and distribution dynamics
Capability to forge strategic
150+ aerospace suppliers
50+ Indian supply partners

Key Components


Connections Elements


Electro-mechanical parts

Customized metal parts