SASMOS Fiber Optic

SASMOS FIBER OPTIC has the experience to design & manufacture High Quality & Highly Reliable customized Fiber Optic Interconnectivity Products for A&D requirements.

Engineering & Manufacturing Operations talent pool to support its customers in Ruggedized Fiber Optics to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of design and manufacturing needs with highly experience team

SASMOS Fiber Optic has a world class manufacturing infrastructure with highly reliable equipment to support the manufacturing of High-quality Fiber Optic Interconnectivity products and Value add products.

The manufacturing footprint is accredited with ISO9001:2015, AS9100:2016, ISO27001 & ISO14001:2015 certifications.

Centre of Excellence for Fiber Optics

  • Ground Military tactical communication and surveillance
  • Naval Systems (radar & sonar systems), Switch Distribution networks
  • UAV Ground systems
  • Airborne Electronic systems (optical backplane, high speed interconnectivity, cockpit electronics and photonics-based transceivers) and Weapon systems deployed on ground.
  • As an added value add service, SASMOS also supports its customers in Field termination, service, and repair of Fiber Optics Interconnect products at the designated customer’s site.

Customised Fiber Optics Interconnectivity Solutions

  • Cockpit Multifunctional Displays (MFDs)
  • Structural Analysis & sensing
  • Inflight Entertainment & Cabin Management
  • Signal Aggregation & Media Conversion
  • Bus networks as per standard protocols
  • High resolution Videos
  • Ground Control communication


Zip Duplex Patchcords

TFOCA Panel Mount Assemblies

Tactical Expanded Beam Assemblies

Shipboard Cable Assembly Arinc801 plug to Bulk Head

QSFP Breakout Assembly MPO to LC Uniboot

Pre-Term Assemblies

MPO Trunk Assemblies

D38999 In-panel assembly with flexible conduit

Breakout Assemblies

Assemblies for Radio wave antenna ODVA to Arinc801

Armoured Duplex Patchcord

Arinc801 Panel mount Assemblies

Aerospace grade12Ch Board mountable assemblies

Aerospace grade Splitter Assemblies

8F QSFP assemblies