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At SASMOS, the mission is driven by the people, IT-enabled processes, global supply chain management, and technological innovations. Today, SASMOS is a leading manufacturing company for Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems, Electromechanical assemblies & Electronic sub-systems for the Air, Land, Weapon, Marine, Space, and Nuclear segments.

SASMOS is always working towards innovative solutions giving tremendous value add to our Customers. SASMOS Defence Systems Division and Fiber Optic Division offer customized electronics/electrical/electro-mechanical mission-critical solutions and fiber optic interconnectivity products for harsh environment applications are the latest in the portfolio.

SASMOS found the success mantra by joining hands with the right strategic global partners to bring up speed and reliability and have the best of both worlds and believes in enhancing customer experience through geo proximity for quick response and coordination for speed to market.


Our vision is to build an institution. One that’s built on a foundation of our values, ethos, and culture, where every effort is aligned to a greater purpose


SASMOS, A Temple of Reliability and Innovation in Aerospace & Defence Globally


SASMOS continues to keep abreast with the latest trends in technology to deliver products at higher speed from smart and agile operations through our creative, consistent & reliable approach.



Fast-growing, with
61% CAGR

Team Strength

1000+ employees and


Global 200+ projects


48+ active global