Executive Team

Executive Team

Mr. Chandrashekar H.G.

Chairman & Managing Director

A visionary with over 36 years of experience, SASMOS has grown under the stable leadership of H.G. Chandrashekar, …
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Mr. Subramanya Ullal

Executive Director

A techno-commercial top management professional, Subramanya is keen to lead teams of managers to achieve…
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Mr. Ravishankar C.V.

Chief Technology Officer & Director – Design & Development

An expert in fostering, building, mentoring and managing creative teams to successfully architect, …
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Mr. Nagesh Chinya Ramanna

Chief Operating Officer

Chinya Nagesh is a Dynamic, high-energy, international project specialist with over 35 years of…
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Mr. Ram Sanjiv

Vice President & BUH – USEC

Ram Sanjiv is an engineering professional from RVCE, Bangalore with 27 years of experience in sourcing …
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Mr. Pawan V.V.R.

Associate Vice President – Corporate Business Finance

Pawan is a Cost Accountant with over 23 years of experience in working with large Indian companies and …
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Mr. Diwakar N Belavadi

Vice President – ADS – Electronics & Fiber Optics

A seasoned Business Operations & Engineering leader with 22 years of diverse experience in leading …
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Mr. Rajashekar Rai

Associate Vice President & CHRO

Rajashekar is an HR professional with over 24 years of significant experience in the domain, and a key…
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Mr. Martin Kirkham

Business Unit Head – Westwire Harnessing

A long-serving, supply chain operations professional, with over 35 years of experience…

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Mr. Venkatachalam M.N.M.

Vice President – Central Quality & SASMOS Academy of Learning

Venkatachalam M.N.M. has over 36 years of progressive experience in functional …

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